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STM: Will the Revolution Be Unfriended?

“We are all one. We are the people.”

Is there any point in indulging in escapism when the reality of Trumpism is blunt, unavoidable, and tweeted upon us on a daily basis? In times like these, the arts, specifically music, feel like a guilty pleasure. On occasion, however, music has hollered from the rooftops (love you, Beatles!) and raised its defiant opinion into a million earbuds.

Music is more vital now than ever as we brace ourselves for a dark age in American history. Here are a few rebel songs, new and classics, to stir those who want to build bridges, raise awareness, seek comfort, are gearing up to take an active role in making us a more compassionate society.

“B.H.S.” – Sleaford Mods: I read somewhere recently that Western society is corroding because of its unhinged capitalism at the expense of the the extremely impoverished. This is an account of the unbridled greed of a contemporary billionaire, or you can read the story behind the song here.

“Frijolero” – Molotov:This one is for his truly. As a proud grandson and husband of immigrants, this is a hilarious take on the immigration fury. For an English translation, click here.

“Noise Pollution” – Portugal. The Man: We have become a polarized country because of our inability to listen beyond our individual echo chambers. The mass media has betrayed us and failed the tenets of Thomas Jefferson’s free press.  Let’s shatter the chamber!

“No Hard Feelings” – The Avett Brothers: Here, the Brothers offer a gentler view of our country: we must move beyond our ideology and embrace each other. To take the first step toward reconciliation, we must encourage open dialogue between each other and remember God’s beauty between us.

“We the People” – A Tribe Called Quest: These legends ushered in the new administration on Saturday Night Live with a bittersweet song about, to me, the confusion we must endure together as Republican, Democrat, and Independent.


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ACL Fest 2009, Day 1 – the Avett Brothers

Feeding the soul of a poet means you have to be out there taking it all in, like a giant satellite receiver open to a barrage of ever-changing frequencies of ideas but the themes nearly always remain constant. Poets and musicians are inevitably pulled by the mystical muse that lives amongst us – in Nature, in the darkest heartache, and in a baby girl’s smile – and they listen keenly for its whisperings, which I say fall from the lips of God (or Creation or whatever you choose to call it). Poets and musicians are always pushing new ways to express the same old universal sentiments. The joys, grievances and poignancy of this brief and complex life are best realized and expressed with the push of a pen or the strum of a guitar caught up in a 4am fever of clarity.
Yesterday afternoon, I laid back on the lawn of Zilker Park at the ACL music fest and with the sun beaming on my face (and God lighting another new room in my mind), I took in with complete and joyous abandon, the prolific music of the Avett Brothers. Laying on that lawn, I closed my eyes to filter all the visual distractions and honed in mentally on the music, and it’s moments like those that make you feel fortunate to be a part of something that connects you to the human experience. I turned to my wife and said, “The ghost of Woody Guthrie is here with us today,” then I shut my eyes again as the boys sang:

“Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name.”

We’re heading out to ACL Fest 2009, Day 2. I’ll see you out there on that plain where musicians and poets meet to enjoy and sort through it all.

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