STM: The Shout Out Louds, “Tonight I Have to Leave It”

With a band name like the Shout Out Louds, there’s no doubt this Swedish outfit is headed straightaway for infectious indie pop, and they pull it off with supreme effect.


STM: Will the Revolution Be Unfriended?

“We are all one. We are the people.” Is there any point in indulging in escapism when the reality of Trumpism is blunt, unavoidable, and tweeted upon us on a daily basis? In times like these, the arts, specifically music, feel like a guilty pleasure. On occasion, however, music has hollered from the rooftops (love […]

STM: Epicenter – Songs of Family

“Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.”   The three immutable influences of my life are Edith and my parents, each representing a plethora of familial remembrances and spiritual guideposts that define: who I strove to become, who I am today, and how I will be revered […]

STM: Songs About the Open Road

American mythology begins with the vast unknown places discovered on the open road. Vastness is at the root of the Americas in both continents but, especially, in the United States. Me, I absolutely love the romantic idealism of freedom on that open black top and I’ve highlighted a few favorite tunes that keep me company along […]