STM: Becca Mancari, “Summertime Mama”

This might be a bold statement but it’s an easy one to assert: Becca Mancari is the new definition of roots rock. Her music reminds me why I love Americana music with its tinges of country-rock and rooted in poignant songwriting. All the while, she has the natural musical instinct to make the music enjoyable, fluid, […]

STM: Acid Jazz Profiles

Throughout the 1990s, there was a fusion of jazz, hip-hop, electronica, and house music which went by various monikers. Of course, the purists will punch holes through my generalizations but the music labels included nu jazz, acid jazz, deep house, and (the most unoriginal) jazztronica.  The music mixed house beats with the swaggering improvisational spirit of […]