STM: Becca Mancari, “Summertime Mama”

This might be a bold statement but it’s an easy one to assert: Becca Mancari is the new definition of roots rock. Her music reminds me why I love Americana music with its tinges of country-rock and rooted in poignant songwriting. All the while, she has the natural musical instinct to make the music enjoyable, fluid, and accessible.

becca mancari

Summertime Mama” is a single from her splendid debut album, Good Woman, an atmospheric, twangy-infused collection of songs from a creative force not experienced since Lucinda Willliams. She understands how to balance incisive and thoughtful lyrics with a quasi-ethereal, upbeat sound. The result is a lyrical arc that makes you wanting more at the end of the brief three minutes within which she spins her stories.

She will be a force to reckon with in a few short years within the canon occupied by Neil Young, Uncle Tupelo, Lucinda, and Whiskeytown.


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