STM: The Avalanches, “Because I’m Me”

Music took a hold of me early on; I would say some time in the mid-late 70s at the close of the Vietnam War, the dawn of disco, the muddled mediocrity of rock, and the dawn of punk. I loved (still do) the sprightly horn sound, spacey keyboards, overly dramatic sweeping string section, and the crooning sexuality in those silky lyrics where Soul and disco converged to create an unique sound. The music of the film “Saturday Night Fever” left an indelible mark on me. Yes, that sounds like a silly, preposterous statement but, as I said, it left me marked for life. I was nine years old.

The Avalanches is an enigmatic band hailing from Australia which recently released their second album following their debut album from 2001. The guys are renowned for sampling music and creating whole new works from their digital remix artistry. Then, they layer on guest vocals, a punchy rap track, and house grooves to create absolutely infectious beats that make you want to sweat profusely on the dance floor, grab you girl for a break, buy her a drink, then, hit it all over again. And in “Because I’m Me,” it is all there – the 70s camp, irresistible desire to hit the dance floor, bright, funky sound, and the sensuality. What puts a sweet spin on this digitally-created retro sound is the naif singing that carries this love song forward.


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