Ten Years of Music and Marriage

Feliz aniversario, mi Querida. 

Tosocial-d_ball-and-chainday, my wife and I are celebrating ten years of marriage. Unlike Social Distortion’s, “Ball and Chain,” it’s been an outstanding decade living with Edith. Still, I really dig Social D’s snarling and miserable ode to the institution.

I will spare you the expected clichés and sappy sentiment. Instead, this is a music blog – and a singles track one, at that – so let’s kick it into rock ‘n roll gear to chronicle a decennium of fun with my Better Half . Here is my top ten list of notable tracks that hitched along for our marital odyssey.

Edith, you rock! Here’s to another decade of kickin’ it with you!

  1. “The Fixer,” by Pearl Jam:  Probably the most memorable ACL Fest moment was not merely notable for the fact I witnessed Eddie Vedder close out the Fest sliding in the sloshy Dillo dirt of Zilker Park but, even better, that I experienced it with my incredibly cool and rain-soaked wife. Go, Pearl Jam!
  2. January Wedding,” by the Avett Brothers: Discovering these Americana folksters at ACL Fest 2009 – aka the Mud Bowl – we were as starry-eyed as newlyweds for weeks reminiscing over their songs of family and love.
  3. “Winter Winds,” by Mumford & Sons: Catching the early winds of the banjo-tinged band before they exploded onto the music scene, Edith surprised me with birthday tickets to their show at Stubb’s Backyard Amphitheater. Wilco guitars
  4. The Good Life,” by Weezer: Playing a single hit from their entire discography during the first half of their concert, Weezer played the entire song list from their underrated sophomoric album, “Pinkerton.” I don’t think I had had that much fun at a concert in a long time up until that show. It was a blast!
  5. Lotus Flower,” by Radiohead: Do you see a pattern emerging yet? Yes, this was Edith’s boldest traverses into my eclectic musical landscape. But she became an ardent Radiohead fan after seeing Thom Yorke and Company at a Houston concert. These guys are badass!
  6. “Broken,” by Jack Johnson: Since nine years old, I had acquired an old, weary soul through the dissolution of my parent’s marriage. Then, at 37 years old, Edith came along and made my load feel much lighter than the preceding 28 years. This song crystallizes how much better I’ve become as a person because of her.
  7. Swimming In the Sea,” by Bob Schneider: Edith was under the impression on our second date that we’d see this Austin icon in concert at a Houston club. My bad – we ended up seeing Wilco, instead – but I’ve since made up for it on countless nights across the city, seeing him crank out his cool tunes at the Saxon Pub and Blues On the Green (my 9-year old Carolina is also now a fan).
  8. Run Rabbit Run,” by Black Pistol Fire: “And the guitar sound is incendiary. Way go to!” It’s my favorite line from my favorite rock ‘n roll tribute film, “Almost Famous,”  and it completely encapsulates the mammoth wall of sound this incredible duo manage to crank out. Yep, we saw them earlier this year at Emo’s.
  9. Yo Busco,” by Café Tacuba: One of the common likes we learned during our dating  days was our mutual appreciation for Mexico’s ultimate alt.Latino band. We would end up catching them live during our decade at La Zona Rosa and Town Lake.
  10. “Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers,” by the Dandy Warhols: By the time Edith and I saw them perform live at Emo’s in east Austin, the peakdandywarh1 years of this Portland rock quartet were well behind them. But hey, when you’ve been a fan since seeing them live at the Electric Lounge (anyone? Electric Lounge? anyone?) during SXSW 1996, you just gotta keep on truckin’ with these fringe rockers. This is what rock ‘n roll should look, sound, and feel like in all its sneering, cocky, and unapologetic glory!




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