Lucy Dacus’ “Trust” Arises From a Pyre

Way back in the 80s when I had no confidence in the ability to write, I took a pile of spiral notebooks and, in a similar way, did what Lucy Dacus confesses in “Trust.” Rather than setting aflame and relegating an innate yearning to write for the dustbin, prose has become an enduring light. And it is artists such as Dacus that remind us of the boundless purview possible from simple yet sharp writing.lucydacus

Dacus is a former film school student who stepped up to a mic with a guitar slung across her chest and heaved upon us a way of looking at the world that can make old bones ache. Her delivery is subtle and quaint yet all rock ‘n roll with its youthful idealism and cathartic realizations. The music reaches deep with direct and astute lyrics and, if she can hold fame at bay, Dacus will surely join a lineage of prolific American songwriters that will further propagate the art of poetry and music and inspire the generation after her.

“I’ll plant a garden in your brain and let the roots absorb the pain.”  – Lucy Dacus




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