We Could’ve Got So High

On occasion, I like to listen to music at work while I type out the latest corporate email or
blog. I love my job because finding the right voice for someone you are trying to represent has its own challenges. Sometimes, you hit the mark and, other times, you get crickets responding to your content. Red lines – although no longer is such a thing (“Track Changes”) – is the stuff I live by.revivalists

Meanwhile, music accompanies me along those literary travails and it’s fuel.

I had never heard of the Revivalists until a week ago and, now, I am caught up in this aural elixir of music, youth, and romanticism. The first time I heard their latest single, “Wish I Knew You,” I recall my early years in Austin. It has that kind of magic and surrealism to it that makes you yearn to be 25 again when “carefree” meant: yeah, let’s enjoy our company, let the spirits rise and welcome the world whenever tomorrow comes. And it’s the kind of music that, obviously, inspires one to write, to embrace and relish the toil of adding mythology to the music.



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