Single Track Mind, ed. 2

Close your eyes and feel the music: It’s a park that you’ve never been to but you’ve awakened to it as soberingly as the eyes crawling across this page. The language about you is unfamiliar but you come to realize that you can’t sit timidly on that park bench all day. You walk about and in the distant it gets closer and closer, the strangely familiar sound of a band that must be from a far-flung eastern European country that no one’s ever heard of except in an indie film perhaps. Music – it’s the only familiar and comforting thing to relate to in the lost moment of this dreamscape gone awry as the music of this peculiar and refreshingly creative band fills the cranium.

You awaken with the silky sand of a Mexican beach slipping through your toes and the sun bares down on you only to have the opposite effect of making you cool with your black sunglasses and a chilly margarita in your hand.  You peer up and standing before you is an odd yet obvious American singer with a Mariachi band whose members are awestruck that he has corrupted the sound with his perfect English to what is otherwise the most vibrant music in the world. Como le quiero a mi Mexico.

Who the hell are these guys who’ve taken over the microphone stand and the amps? This is DeVotchka. This band may not be for everyone but this simmering pot of tea is somewhere out there with the likes of Camper Van Beethoven and Modest Mouse. Enjoy!


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