The Single Track Mind, ed. 1

The game plan behind this series is to talk about one of my favorite hobbies – MUSIC!!! I will try to the best of my crazy hectic ability (AMD, UT & family) to provide a weekly sampler plate of the latest music that’s been abuzz in my head.

My flavor of the week is a sibling group from Australia who call themselves, simply, Angus & Julia Stone.  I’m not usually into making comparisons but this folksy-eclectic duo remind me of Neil Young, the White Stripes (in their more abstract songwriting forms), Sam Phillips and the Byrds. Check out their music at:

I’d like to recommend a really cool show that you can download as a podcast called Sound Opinions. The guys are a bit on the snobbish side when it comes to music but I’ve been accused of the same, and I’m okay with it. We’re helping to keep music honest, super-cool and sharply creative.

Finally, I recommend that you email your U.S. Congress representatives and voice your concern over the pending merger of Live Nation/Ticketmaster. If the merger goes through, this new fully-bloated company will be a monopoly, and it will be a complete assault on what music should be about – music.

Take care.


One thought on “The Single Track Mind, ed. 1

  1. That’s cool, I liked your entry. Will you download the podcast for me? This is my first experience with “blogging” so I’m not sure what’s expected… Maybe I should look at others.

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